Based on the key of E Major, the color yellow, and chocolate, Yntegrity : Happiness was designed to trigger deep inner happiness. Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and Shepard Fairey (Nøise) both generously shared one of their songs with Meena to integrate into the soundtrack for the evening, which was a benefit for the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression.

The experience integrated INT-O Yellow, and featured the artist G. Riley Johndonnell, actress Patrice Johnson (The Crucible), and psychotherapist Jonathan Goldsmith.

The team for this experience included a chorus of singers, a neuroscientist, a developer, an interactive video designer, and a mixologist. Yntegrity : Happiness gained international press, including a feature in The Huffington Post that called it "undoubtedly the happiest place in New York City." It was praised in Cool Hunting, Yahoo! News, The Future Laboratory, Singapore Today, Express Tribune Pakistan, and Music for Good.