XM Gathering presents:
Yntegrity Healing
A Garden of Delight

Date and Time:
11 March from 3-6pm

The Institute of Light, Mentmore Terrace, London Fields, London E8

We'll take you on a sensory journey into The Magic Tree, featuring the colour pink, the key of F, the smell and taste of roses, and the feel of human touch...

Our beautiful hive includes:

Meena Ysanne - concept, composition, cultivation
Tereza Stehlikova - film germination

James Riley - guitar picking
Jons Davies - cajon, shakers, spoons
Ellie Doney - Babylonian visceral labyrinth
Nadjib Achaibou - freshly pruned Turkish roses
Jonathan Goldsmith - psychological weeding
Ana Bernardo - plotting and digging
Gabriel Edvy - light distilling

and a little chorus of angels:
Stephanie Singer (BitterSuite)
Heloise Tunstall-Behrens (The Quorum)
Jacqueline Nunn
Camilla Nunn

We'll explore healing, with insights from nature, science, beauty, pleasure, our hearts, and the scarred labyrinth of our shared, delicate, vulnerable experience, shuffling on this mortal coil.

Don't expect to simply consume - come ready to participate in gentle immersion, and wear pink, if only a scarf, or a little rose bud planted in your button-hole with a flourish of eudaimonia.

For we plan to wrap you in a pink woollen blanket to soothe all woes, to keep you safe and warm until Spring raises her sweet fragrance from the dead lands, as surely she must...

Tickets available in advance - choose a ticket for the main event (Non-Patrons Ticket for £5), or stay for dinner by purchasing an additional Non-Patron's Dinner ticket (£15 extra) on Eventbrite

Donations will be welcome at the event for our non-profit beneficiary Maggie's Centre at the Cancerkin