Meena presented this sensory experience to illustrate her TEDx Talk in Bend, OR in May 2017. Her talk was about sensory science and beauty, and how to combine them via knowledge of evolution and our primal oceanic history - how to open our senses to create a short-cut to our internal network, for direct access to consciousness, using music and food as the tools.

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Mee says:

"Before I took to the stage, there was a welcoming dance by three local Native American tribes: the Paiute, Walla Walla and Warm Springs Indians. They performed traditional songs and dances from their cultures specifically to welcome newcomers, including a shamanic bear dance. It was very special to watch from the wings of the stage - I felt truly blessed to step out immediately after their ancestral performance."

"We all need the oceans, whatever our beliefs. We all rely on oxygen, and oxygen is made in the oceans, as the primary source for this planet. The oceans connect us humans - in evolutionary terms, we've only recently stepped foot on dry land. That's why it's a powerful medium for our senses - and for our sense of purpose."

"It was an honor to connect with Yntegrity to this tight-knit, proud, high desert community, and to share my knowledge of sensory science that I've learned in New York with people in rural America."

"Our ability to consciously consider concepts is what sets us apart from other creatures - it's what defines us - so it was wonderful to share my ideas, and demonstrate them, for 1,200 people in the beautiful town of Bend, Oregon, so far away from New York City."

Read an interview with Meena about her TEDxTalk here.

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